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Nomad creation who is it?

The story of Nomad creation is that of a girl who loves to create and who loves to give!

Childhood educator for 10 years, the world of toddlers is synonymous for me with sweetness and daydreams.

It is therefore quite naturally that the desire to make objects for children came to me.

Suitable objects

During their first months, babies discover the world through the various sensory experiences essential to their proper development.

Rattles already allow your baby to develop fine motor skills and coordination.

When the first teeth appear with the discomfort that this can cause, the rattles will allow your child to relax his gums.

The dry hot water bottle is an object that will follow your little one throughout his childhood. The diffusion of its soft heat accompanied by the scents of dried lavender, will relieve your infant from painful colic in its first weeks.

Subsequently, this object will endure with its comforting symbol and will soothe your child when he is sick.

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Eye for detail

At Nomad creation we believe that attention to detail makes all the difference and that a carefully wrapped and presented gift will show its recipient how delicately you have imagined this creation for them.

Each box is placed in a gift box and accompanied by a small card to offer.

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