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At Nomad creation we are committed to co-creating with you.

For this reason we are listening to your desires.

do not hesitate to contact usherebefore ordering if you have any questions or special wishes.

You can also visit our pageinstagramto discover our universe and our creations in more detail.

The fabrics used to make the dry hot water bottles and fabric rattles are 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton.

The embroidery threads are 100% Oeko-Tex certified viscose.

The Oeko-Tex label guarantees textiles free of toxic or harmful products.



By default, the chosen pattern will be placed in the center of the hot water bottle above the text to be embroidered. If you would like a different location, please specify when ordering.

The same pattern will be used on the rattle, unless the model is too big (ex: crown of flowers).

Stars can be added to another pattern (ex: planet, moon).

It is also possible to add a mini heart after the first name.

Be sure to specify if you have a size preference for the pattern (large/small).

You will find all the more detailed information for each patternhere.



You can also personalize the comforters with embroidery.

For the text you can choose one of the 8 fonts offered.


You can also add a small pattern after the embroidered text.

By default, all embroideries will be placed at the bottom of the cuddly toys. Note that these are visible on the back side as well.

For any specific requests do not hesitate to contact us.


Yarns & colors

All patterns can be adapted to the desired color. If the pattern has several colors (ex: rainbow) please specify the desired colors.

Also be sure to specify if you want color differences between the hot water bottle and the rattle.



When ordering you can select the desired font. The size of the text will depend on the size of the word. The higher the number of letters, the smaller the font size. Depending on the font, it loses quality when it is reduced, if you have any doubts do not hesitate to ask for advice.

If you have a preference (eg: small and discreet first name) please specify it when ordering.

Some fonts offer an extension at the end or at the beginning of the word, a ღ . If you wish to include this symbol, please specify it (be careful, however, to avoid having to reduce the font, these extensions are not recommended for long first names. It is therefore advisable to prefer a mini "flying" ♡ following the first name) .

Below is the maximum number of characters per font without the font needing to be scaled down. Beyond that, it is possible to use the font but the quality will be slightly reduced.

Better Together: 7-8 letters

Glitter: 6 letters

Magnolia: 6 letters

Rose of: 6 letters

Unicorn: 6 letters

Uniform script: 6 letters

RM Kristen: 9 letters

Basic: 14 letters

The Basic font is smaller than the others but can be enlarged on request. This font is recommended if you want something discreet and uncluttered.

Nomad creation reserves the right to contact you to obtain certain details regarding your wishes for your order.


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