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Creative Workshops


Do you like Nomad creation items but would you like to go further and participate fully in the realization of a project to offer or to offer yourself?

The workshop is a place where ideas take shape...

Creativity is in everyone


You choose a product from our catalog but you participate in the realization of it and you bring your desires and wishes.


Do you just want to have a good time with a loved one in a setting where your creativity will be stimulated? (ex mother-child workshop).


Do you have a more or less precise idea of a project that you would like to be able to shape? (e.g. sew a personalized blanket,...)


Nomad creation travels to your home during events such as baby showers and EVJF in order to animate small creative workshops.


Do you want to personalize a garment for yourself or as a gift?

contact ushereso that we can create together.

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